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Black empowerment requires
our economic strength and unity.
Be sure to support Soul Melanin, who are a part of our Movement & Solution!
Soul Melanin is all about identifying your needs and supporting your overall health and emotional wellbeing.

We offer educational classes on natural health and discuss how simple it is for you can become the natural healer in your home and your community. 
Outlined below is my ethos and as you will see it is not just one statement but a series of simple powerful words that I believe are a true reflection of the journey of life.
"Love. Learn. Forgive. Experience. Live.”
Through sharing your own challenging experiences in a therapeutic setting, our integrated therapy approach has helped many people to overcome their limiting beliefs and make the necessary changes they need in order to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.
We provide integrated online therapies, we offer a calm and safe space for you.

Rwanda, 20th – 30th September 2023:






Tel. Number: +44 (0) 7974981637


Instagram: @abi_soulmelanin


Facebook: Soul Melanin


LinkedIn: Abi Osho


YouTube: Soul Melanin - Abi Osho

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