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Black empowerment requires our economic strength and unityBe sure to support Purple and Gold Natural Skincare Products, who are a part of our Movement & Solution!
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Purple and Gold Natural Skincare Products


Hi Natural Skincare Lovers!


We are pleased to offer to you beautiful hand-made products made with natural ingredients (inc. Sea Moss, herb-infused oils, butters, and natural scents) that are vegan and non-toxic for the face, hands, lips, feet, hair, underarm and all over the body!


Investing any of our products not only streamlines your regimen, saving you time and effort, but it's also cost-effective, with no need for multiple products. Simplify your routine with a single item catering to various needs. The versatility and pedigree of our soaps allow for them to be used across multiple areas, including the body, face and hands, as well as your hair. Our balms can also be used on your cuticles to soften them; on scabs or dry patches to help them heal faster, hydrate the elbow area, and on your feet to remove hard skin.


  • 10% Discount: Create your own bundles - apply coupon code "PGBUNDLE3" at checkout to receive 10% off any 3 soaps you purchase!

  • 15% Discount: Create your own bundles - apply coupon code "PGBUNDLE6" at checkout to receive 15% off any 6 soaps you purchase!

  • Bespoke Soaps: We can create bespoke soaps using a variety of ingredients and essential oils to satisfy the size, colour and scent that suits your needs!





Facebook: @PurpleandGoldzens 

Instagram: @purpleandgoldzens

TikTok: @purple.gold_1


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