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Passionate About Inspiring Others

The Investigator is one of the United Kingdom’s leading Black History and Culture Specialists. His lively energetic presentations are designed to bring forth history and culture to the spectator allowing for a more enriched awareness of the universal contributions and achievements of a culturally diverse society.

Andrew was born to Jamaican parents in 1965 and was raised and educated in Walthamstow, East London. Known to this day for his humour and lively personality, Andrew joked his way through Stoney Down Primary and Beaconsfield & William Morris Secondary schools leaving in 1982 with seriously unfunny exam results.

Since 1983 however, a change had taken place in Andrew. A Christmas gift from his older brother Michael, A Black History Book about Malcolm X, had encouraged him for the first time to read something he was not forced to by the school curriculum. The book awakened a hunger in Andrew to know about history, the history of the human race, and most particularly Black people.

He became motivated enough to achieve a National Diploma in Business Studies and became an underwriter in 1986. Almost overnight Andrew went from a person who had to be forced to read to an avid reader who devoured everything he could lay his hands on. Through Pliny, Herodotus, Godfrey Higgins, J.A. Rogers, MacRitchie and Cheik Anta Diop, Andrew’s search for The Hidden Truth had begun.

Using the humour and lively personality that worked against him in school Andrew began to explain what he’d learned to friends. Soon he was invited to meet friends of friends and give them the breakdown too.

He outgrew their sitting rooms pretty quickly and began to hire halls launching The Hidden Truth Tours which have to-date taken him as far afield as Egypt.

In 1993 no longer having time for underwriting he began instead to support himself through the tours and working in education, visiting schools and prisons and speaking on Radio. Everywhere he went he was encouraged to put what he taught into book form and with Free Your Mind he has done that, Andrew hopes that Free Your Mind will become as much a source of enlightenment to Black people, young and old, as the Black history book on Malcolm X was to him.

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