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HUB MEMBER: Artastik Kreations

Black empowerment requires
our economic strength and unity.
Be sure to support Artastik Kreations, who are a part of our Movement & Solution!
My name is Cameron I am 12. I started drawing when I was really young about 7 years old. Drawing had always been something I loved. I realised I was really good at it.
I would watch other artist on Tik tok draw Anime and other characters that I like. Then those sane artists turned their drawings into phone cases. So I thought “ I could do that” - The first drawing I did was good. But I needed more improvement. I showed my mum who loved it and requested a drawing for her phone. Other members of my family always wanted a phone cases drawings. I would draw on paper then cut around the image to fit in the case.
Realising my passion and my talent my mum suggested that I turn it into a business. She suggested we start out with t shirts and phone cases first. Now I have expand my range to hoodies and mugs.
Since starting Mt business I have received a lot of support from my friends and family. My mum has continued to support me by helping me find opportunities with investors and mentors to develop
my art styles.

My mission is to turn my art into fashionable clothing and accessories that people are able to wear and use on a daily basis.
Eventually my mission is to get Artastik Kreations to be a world wide household name.
- Cameron
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